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We Call Bullshit On Business Owners Not Separating Personal And Business Expenses

When you first started your own business, you were probably looking forward to increased Freedom, choice and opportunity. Has that been your experience so far? Probably not. All too often, Business Owners fall into the trap of not separating personal and business expenses. They put their company before themselves—at the expense of their own financial […]

Is Your Business Off-Track? Authenticity Is The Fix

Have you ever met someone and had the feeling they were acting fake? Even without knowing the person, you still had a feeling you weren’t meeting the “real” them. Your audience can detect in-authenticity, too! To be authentic, you must be fearless. When people see fearlessness in you, they’re drawn in and respect you. Now, […]

Steve Jobs Knew These 3 Things About Marketing From The Stage

Let’s start with some trivia. Who said, “ … the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do?” Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple and a master of public speaking made this statement to open Apple’s 1997 Think Different campaign. How did he achieve such mastery? Let’s […]

Emerging Markets: The Next Generation

When it comes to emerging markets (EM), there is a considerable level of diversity. The EM landscape has evolved significantly over the last few decades, presenting a wider range of investment opportunities across world markets. While some countries are still in the early stages of industrial and infrastructural development, others are much more adapted to […]


General Small Business Statistics In honor of Small Business Week, a yearly event that began with a presidential proclamation in 1963, we compiled a list of more than 50 compelling small business statistics available in 2018. Two-thirds of all businesses survive at least two years, half of all businesses survive at least five years, and […]