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7 Financial Tips for Military Members and Families

Must have Investments

It is very vital for the military members and their family to take up many investments plans that are offered to them. The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is important for making required investments.

  • Withdrawal of money at retirement is tax-free
  • TSP investments help to decrease your taxable income
  • Go for Roth TSP to help in making low-cost investments
  • It is better than Roth IRA which have restrictions on basis of income
  • This is perfect money-earning opportunity for military members and veterans

Do make Savings

In order to Save Money for your future and make use of the benefits that military servicemen and veterans are given, it is always recommended to get enrolled in the savings deposit program.

  • You can invest till $10,000 in program
  • Most high-interest rate schemes are scams
  • Military savings deposit program is not scam
  • Interest is calculated compoundly at annual interest of ten percentage
  • Get benefit through savings deposit program after your return for 3 months

Know your tax Benefits

There are many kinds of taxation benefits that all military servicemen and veterans can enjoy. For those military members who come under combat zone-pay are subjected to double tax benefits.

  • Combat-zone members are given tax exemption
  • Additionally, contributions are also made tax-free
  • Unemployed spouses also get tax-free maximum contributions
  • It is ideal to save in Roth IRA for combat-zone benefiters
  • You must have $125,000 or less in modified adjusted gross income to be able to contribute to Roth

Opt for education advantages

The military servicemen along with veterans are given many educational benefits for studying in public college which includes costs for tuition fees. There are other programs which helps you to pay for foreign school or private colleges.

  • Avail benefits from Post-9/11 GI bill
  • You can get tuition fees up to three years in public college
  • Military members working for more than 3 years are benefited
  • Get payed up to $17,500 every year for studying in foreign school and private college
  • Servicemen military members and veterans can transfer benefits to their children and spouse

Avail cheap insurance policy

The advantage that the military family members and their families can think about is that of having an inexpensive insurance that helps to stabilize your family and also help to take part of your retirement plans.

  • There are opportunities for coverage too
  • Military members and families get low-cost insurance rates
  • Family of military members and veterans are also benefited
  • Spouse can also get coverage costs is age in lower that thirty-five years of age
  • You can avail insurance for all military members irrespective of likelihood, time of deployment, age and health status

Take loans

There are offer for very low-cost loan options for military servicemen and veterans. You should definitely apply for this offer at the time of taking loan to avail the benefit.

  • Take help from Armed Forces Legal Assistance Office
  • Enjoy cap of six percentage in interest rates for loans
  • You can avail benefit if you cannot pay due to military reasons
  • You can end your apartment lease in case of transfer to new location
  • You can opt for pay cuts for loans at time of Reserve or National Guard activation

Consider job options

You need to think about the time and your employment opportunities after you retire from military services. There are many kinds of civilian job options available for ex-military members and veterans.

  • It is vital to get jobs to sustain your livelihood and family
  • Take help from the various military communities for assisting
  • There are many training schools available for getting civilian jobs
  • It is not easy for military members and veterans to easily get civilian jobs due to many factors

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